Until Christmas

Until Halloween

Welcome to Holiday Duality.

I built my first Christmas display in 2000 using "The Lights and Sounds of Christmas" box. The following Halloween, I setup my first official graveyard. Since then, Both Halloween and Christmas have grown and have developed their own personalities.

Christmas is all about music and precision.  Right now my Christmas show consists of 32 channels,  controlling around 12,000 lights, through 12 Christmas classics.

Halloween is a very different scenario.  I dabble in pneumatics, control systems, lighting, and audio effects.

I have many cool links for both Halloween and Christmas. I also have links to places that I hang out at, sites of other holiday enthusiasts, information about the Virginia Beach area, and a selection of downloadable files that I have found useful in my endeavors.  Remember to visit Dr. FrankenClaus Workshop for behind the scenes videos and tutorials.

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